Gaming is now the world favourite form of entertainment! And its popularity is growing (Reuters). So, there’s no wonder why there has been a huge buzz and growing trend into gaming parties! But where do we start? Go party bee is going to checklist all the Gaming and Virtual Reality ideas in Sussex for you, here’s what we found.

Venue Ideas


Sussex hosts a few Virtual Reality Venues, located in Brighton! This is an experience definitely to be had, transporting you to a virtual world, it is strange but a lot of fun. Find them listed on our Gaming VR Category Click here.

In Horsham, West Sussex, you will find a gaming venue set up especially to cater for kids social gaming and parties. Party bags and invitations are included and food can also be arranged, for a hassle free party option. Click here to find out more.

Another venue is at Cineworld, who now offers gaming parties featured on their massive screens “With fantastic surround sound speakers you’ll be blown away by every explosion, kick of the ball and rev of the engine. Bring along your favourite game and experience it on the big screen, like you’ve never seen it before.” Find them here


  • To keep costs down you can hold a smaller gathering at home and create a DIY experience, using the facilities you may already have and being creative with fun!
  • Plus there are gaming party providers who can bring the ‘gaming’ experience to you (see Entertainment below)
  • Or here’s an idea… How about combining a gaming party with a sleepover party? Giving a WOW to the whole gaming experience! To find sleepover parties, click here.


Gaming providers are able to bring all the equipment right to you! Have a look what we have found:

Horizon 90 – Social Gaming & Events – “Minecraft, Fortnite, The Sims 4 or even classic Retro games! We bring the party to you! A Real PC gaming experience! We have 20 Gaming PCs ready to go, loaded with the latest and greatest titles that you know will be a hit. Our full featured gaming experience is like no other. Everyone has a console these days, what you really want, is to play like your favourite gamers with your friends!”

The Games Pod – “Easily deployed to any venue, the GamesPod experience can be tailored to any age group or ability and with a choice of XBox One, XBox 360, PS3, PS4 or Nintendo WiiU consoles, the GamesPod really has something for everyone. The GamesPod is kitted out with 3 huge LED HD screens and comfy seating for up to 10 kids.”

Altitude Events – Hire service is available for events throughout the Southeast. Including Nintendo Wii, Arcade Games Machine, Xbox Kinect & Dance Mats.

TOP TIP: The professional gaming providers have found that occasionally some of the guest’s parents do not want their children to play certain games. The providers suggest finding this out prior to the party to enable them to adapt and create a fun experience for all. Credit: The games Pod.


If your wanting a gaming themed party, but looking for something a little bit different, then how about these:

The Outdoors Project – “Tech meets nature! Based on the popular video games, we bringing to life elements from the concepts. Be it set on Earth or in a cursed forests you will enjoy building and maintain your village, crafting weapons and equipment whilst earning points and protect your land.”

YouCrew Video Creator Academy – “We provide a safe and fun environment where kids can star in and learn to create their own YouTube videos! Gaming is one of our most popular videos, and we love hosting gaming video parties 🎮 All equipment provided in our mini iPad studios, plus we’re totally mobile so can come to you.”


To find cake makers who can create an amazing gaming cake in your local area click here. Plus, see who has made this!

Credit: Butterfly Cakes


Those extras touches for their gaming party! Finding the right party decorations can help lead the way to that special experience to remember! Find who can help with your decorations here!

Party Bags

If your looking for anything from sweet cones to bespoke party bags made for you locally, then come and have a look at the party bag suppliers near you. Just click here PARTY BAGS!

If you are thinking of creating your own bags, then here are a few gaming party bag ideas: