This is what I told parents as they came into the hall. Their expressions and responses were highly entertaining.

As for most years, my daughter had a thousand ideas for what she wanted to do for her birthday. I began to organise one and then she was 100% sure she wanted something different. Luckily (or potentially not), I was organising the DIY party entertainment, so I could include a few of her many ideas.

She is absolutely obsessed with SLIME!!!! However, her slime has been in ‘time out’ on top of the kitchen cupboards, as my cream carpets have become multi coloured and glittery since this new discovery. But with wanting her to have the best time on her birthday, I agreed to attempt this crazy party!

Slime Party ideas

Finding slime kits online is not a problem, there are loads of different types online Amazon Slime Kits. I brought a couple of kits and put ‘Nanna’ in charge of slime making with 25 children. Yes, I was secretly loving handing this to my mum (evil laugh). I must add she was fantastic, as were the rest of my friends and family who jumped into the chaotic mess to help.

And oh my… there was so much sticky, glittery, gloopy mess… I mean slime. The kids loved it, all asking if they could take it home… “yes of course you can” I’d say smiling and then looking to see the expressions from the parents (more evil laughing). The kids thought it was fantastic! Their faces said it all 😊

Would you recommend a slime party? Yes, it was amazingly entertaining.

What would you suggest? With this new craze, many party practitioners have started to offer a ‘slime party’.

DIY vs HIRE? The main difference is cost vs time (Or so I thought). I thought I’d speak to some party practitioners to understand the differences. I was surprised to find out what I did!

I initially thought that by hiring someone the main difference would be that it’s easier, less stressful, they’re better experienced to entertain the children and I wouldn’t have to clean up after. BUT… and I didn’t realise this… the main importance of hiring someone for a slime party is safety! Check out what Viki’Science said when I asked about her slime parties:

I’m working in a secondary school, so before I started to make slime, I checked all the health and safety issues. The chemicals what you can find in stores are ok, but when you mix them together, they form to different chemicals what can be harmful for little hands. They change by the time, too, so if it’s safe today, you can’t be sure it will be safe tomorrow. There was a big problem last year with the ready made slimes. Everyone went against slime making, but that bubble popped by now and everyone makes slime at home again, checking YouTube videos. Unfortunately, those videos don’t mention anything about health and safety. Last Summer, I spent the whole of my holiday to improve a recipe for a safety slime, what won’t cause any harm. I’m not happy to hand out a borax-pva glue slime after my parties. But happy to give them this recipe, because I can be sure they won’t have any health problem after. There’s a company who sells magic slime activator. I couldn’t find the ingredients on the box (I’m not sure it’s legal) and the shop assistant couldn’t help with it at all. I tried to find it online, but they want to keep it secret . I don’t know how it can be out on the shelves. So, my main reason to having someone around is the health issues. No one wants itchy hands or any bad skin reaction after fun.


With this in mind, I have provided a checklist for organising a slime party:


  • Ensure that the party practitioner has researched the health safety of their ingredients and combinations.
  • Check out the reviews of your practitioner.
  • If you have other entertainment going on at the same time, let the practitioner know. As they might like to discuss the logistics of this with you.


  • Check the ingredients (research if they are safe).
  • Get lots of help from friends and family.
  • Ensure that the children are supervised when making slime.
  • Set up an ingredient station table for the basic slime ingredients and give the children the amounts that they need to stir.
  • Put the extras (colours, glitters, beads) on another table where the children can sit at to make their slime.
  • We gave the children the ingredients in take away pots in which they could make the slime and then take it home.
  • There will be a lot of cleaning and a lot of washing up! I put all the washing up in a big bag to take home and put paper sheets down to dispose of.

Good luck and have fun!

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