Go party bee has bee on the look out to find some thrilling ideas to give to those excitable trick-or-treaters and Halloween party bags. While finding the spooky treats and gifts, there has been a big focus on finding some ideas that use less single use plastic. We have some ideas for home made treats, ones you can buy and ideas for the ‘Teal Pumpkin Project‘. Come and have a look what we have found!

Tissue Paper Treat Pumpkins

You will need; orange tissue paper, a paper cup or kitchen roll tube, green string or wool and some yummy sweets. Gather up the tissue paper to surround the sweets and tie with the string. Twist the top of the tissue paper into a stork, you may need to cut off any excess paper. Then continue to wrap the string upwards to resemble a pumpkin stork.

Homemade Halloween Cakes

From fairy cakes to rice crispy cakes! These are a lovey treat to give. Plus why not give them a spookier feel with these Halloween cupcake wrappers and toppers 48 items for £6.99.

Homemade Halloween Cookies

This is a both a fun Halloween activity with the kids and a great treat to give! These Halloween cutters have a ghost, withes hat and a pumpkin at £3.91.

Halloween Goody Bags

Halloween material tote bags are just the right size for a goody bag. These come in a pack of 30 for £7.99!

Pumpkin Magic Scratch Off Magnet

Halloween Pumpkin Magnets are a great party bag filler, teal treat or even a fun craft project! £6.15 for a pack of 12.

Home Made Crayons

If like me, your children have loads of broken crayons being unused at the bottom of the draw, how about melting them down to create some new multi-coloured ghost crayons! These Spooky Halloween Trick Or Treat Silicone Moulds, at £3.99, can be used for ice, chocolate, jelly, crayons, soap, candles and are safe from -40c – 230c.

Halloween Notebook

Along with the crayons, you could include a Halloween themed notebook. These are £2.69 for a pack of 24.

Halloween Wind Chimes

Still thinking of the Teal Pumpkin Project, these Halloween Wind Chimes have been very popular and are back in stock on the 22nd October. Great as a gift or in a goody bag! The pack features 4 designs and is £6.95.

Happy Halloween!!

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