Find the locations numbered in the map.
Record the LETTER clues and match them up with the map number.
Find out what the clues have spelled out.
Submit your answers on the non-contact form below, this will submit you for a chance to win prizes (Check out below)!
Happy Hunting!

Only one entry per family please, please follow government guidelines and entry will close on the 26th February 2021


£20 Horse Riding Lesson Voucher –  Ashdown Riding

Family Pizza Delivery- Picture House Uckfield

1 Jointed Memory Bear (Worth £40) –Bonnie Little Bluebells

Photography Package –Robotic Clouds Photography

Knits & Crosses Gift Voucher Knits & Crosses

Gruffalo Puzzle & 2 children’s books – Dale

Sweet Package –Driver and Son Gardening

Sandwich bag and Beebombs –Park Farm Cottage

Sanctuary Spa Kit & a Bottle of Bubbly – Pat

Free window Clean – Steve Collins Traditional Window Cleaner

Sweet Box – Go Party Bee