Go party bee is always excited and continually searching for ideas and ways to bring a WOW to those special days! As parents, seeing our childrens’ faces light up in awe, is undeniably a memory that we will treasure forever. But more importantly, to know that we have been able to give these magical moments for our children to remember, is undoubtedly the best gift to give.

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Go party bee is making it easier and better for parents to find parties that children will remember forever! We have created an online directory filled with party providers, hidden places and exciting ideas to inspire parents and make it easier to find what they are looking for.

The extensive category list was created to inspire you with ideas, which you can click on to find the people and places to create this party. Plus, there is a simple search feature where you can pinpoint the type of party, the themes or specific providers in your area! The website allows you to directly contact these providers, creating a more personable and efficient connection.

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We also have a fast growing go party bee community, filled with parents and providers. Parents often ask here for ideas and its a perfect place to be updated on what’s new and exciting! Join in with the fun!!

Just a little idea… how go party bee began!

Find kids parties

It was taking ridiculous amounts time and effort searching online for my children’s perfect party, but I was just unable to find what I was hoping for. I realised that I wasn’t alone, as many parents spoke of how this was the same for them. On most occasions it has meant that I have spent weeks creating games, props and costumes (for my husband to wear – the lack of sleep was actually worth it!).

However, for the birthday party which inspired ‘go party bee’, a friend recommended a place that sounded completely fabulous. I didn’t have much information to go on, so it felt like a bit of a gamble. Well… this time the gamble paid off, and the party was fantastic! All the children had an amazing time and made some very special memories together.

This made me wonder why I couldn’t find this party place online. If only there was a website where I could find all the wonderful party people, places, inspiration and reviews in one place!

And so, with over a year of dedication and hard work … I am buzzing (excuse the pun) to welcome you to our ‘brand new’ go party bee website!

Looking to find parties your kids will remember forever?

Go party bee website and community is the easiest way for parents to find the best party providers, places and inspiration. Join in with the fun!!

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