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Social distancing will not be getting in our way this Halloween! Although trick-or-treating is probably not going to be happening this year, we’re going to be celebrating this frightfully fantastic time of year by creating our own fun! So let’s get out those ghastly costumes, create a spooky scene and head out (or in) to make some enchanting memories!

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Here’s a little story about our Halloween Hunt! Obviously, there was the need to dress up into our scariest outfits and adventure into the woods and caves, creating that extra eerie feel! We followed each of the clues, signalled with a pictures to find spooky ghosts & cackling witches hidden within dark caves and creeping trees! The children were full of excitement and awe, searching the woods for their rewards of yummy treats, sweets and toffee apples left there to find! Such a fun & magical outing for all the family to start off the autumnal celebrations!

Treasure hunts are so versatile and can be used for any type of party! It’s for them, really it is! But here’s why we love them so much?

So Exciting!!

They are so, so, so much fun! It’s exhilarating for the children and creates a mysterious adventure for them to embark on, in which they are truly engaged with! I love seeing their little faces light up with delight as they have found the next clue!

Plus, once all the preparation has been sorted, the hunt run’s itself!

Anything You Can Imagine!!

They can be created into any theme you like! If your child has a favourite fascination (my children’s fascinations seem to change constantly!), then a Treasure Hunt is the perfect party activity.

It can be as big or as little as you like and with a little bit of planning. you can literally hold a Treasure Hunt anywhere. In your house, in a hall, in the woods (my favourite), or even at the local park.

The key to a good treasure hunt is PREPARATION. If you’re doing a DIY Treasure Hunt:

  • Think about the clues, will the children need to collect or read something at each clue?
  • Will they need a map or a puzzle?
  • Create and print the clues and extras.
  • Remember to think about how to attach each clue (Tip: hole punch and string/wool)
  • Give yourself enough time to set up.
  • Think about how to explain the treasure hunt to the children before they go.
  • Enjoy the crazy fun!

There are companies that can send you PDF’s and video clues, such as Wonder Adventures! You still need to print these off and set up, but the thinking and video clues are all done for you. Hocus Pocus Treasure Hunt. Also, the go party bee website has listed many children’s entertainers who can help you in your area. Click here and start searching now!

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Here are some ideas for other treasure hunts…

Gruffalo Adventure – Using the story while on the treasure hunt helps to children to engage in the adventure and the excitement. This theme is perfect, as the clues can be the Gruffalo’s features i.e. ‘purple prickles’, ‘poisonous wart’. As an extra, at the end the children could find the Gruffalo!! Even better, hire a Gruffalo character or costume!  

Teddy Bears Picnic – here you could have a teddy bear at each clue mark for the children to find. At each teddy bear there would be a picture of different picnic foods for the children to collect and add to their baskets. What could this lead to? A big picnic!!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Such a great story to follow to find the bear! The children would need to find the picture clues; ‘long wavy grass’ ‘thick oozy mud’! It would be great to do the actions at each of these points and would be a lovely addition to a woodland party!

LOL Surprise – This must be secret codes just like the toys! The children would have a word puzzle with symbols above a missing letter! They would need to find out what the secret word is by finding the symbols with the missing letters and completing their puzzles. Once they have found all the clues and written down the letters, they would have worked out the secret word!

Halloween – Dress up into your scariest outfits and go on a spooky adventure! Follow the Halloween clues to find yummy treats for the children to find!

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